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Know the Real Estate Market

Although the real estate market is unpredictable, like any other business, it also evolves in its development cycle. Recognizing what phase of the real estate market cycle we are in and developing respective strategies is a key to success. Don’t forget the larger economic influences as they are as important as the local real estate market data when doing a research.

Sell Victoria Homes

Know the Client's Needs

As a realtor, do you know your buyer’s top 5 must-haves when buying a home? Are they accomplished investors, first-time home buyers, or anyone in between? Like working in any other service-oriented business, the most important skills a realtor can possess is the ability to ask the right questions and then listen. Knowing your client’s needs is the first step to providing an exclusive real estate service.

Sell Victoria Homes

Personalize Marketing Plan

Since every piece of property all has its personalities and different targeted audiences, that’s why a customized marketing plan can respond to changes in buyer’s perceptions and needs. Social media nowadays become an effective tool to exceed marketing two-way communication and reach out to highly targeted audiences by age group, location, education, and financial level.

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It’s tough dealing with an unpredictable real estate market

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About Sell Victoria Homes Owner Winnie Wu; Sell Victoria Homes

Meet Winnie...

For close to a decade now, Winnie has been helping people realize the goal of homeownership and/or property investment by providing reliable real estate solutions that effectively meet their needs.

Not looking to relent any time soon, she leverages her passion for real estate and local area insights with the aim of surpassing her clients’ specified satisfaction. Her mission is to facilitate sound decisions by offering up-to-date information on both the inside and outside of the real estate market.

About Sell Victoria Homes

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Sell Victoria Homes

Be honesty, trustworthy person first

Being a good person is a definite prerequisite for becoming a good realtor. I am not afraid to tell your truth every time. You will always be completely and accurately informed on the market, no matter what! So we can thrive in any economic cycle.

Sell Victoria Homes

Customization of Marketing Plan

Every home has different backend story, so they need a personized and responsive marketing plan. I provide you with exceptional and customized services while remining flexible and innovative, and ensure your home is always a step ahead of the competition.

Sell Victoria Homes

Strong negotiator and team player

You need a strong negotiator for gaining a best price and terms. I believe that everything in purchase contracts is negotiable, and I will go out of the way to fight hard for you. You also need a good team player that you can work together comfortably for the same goal.

About Sell Victoria Homes

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What Winnie's clients are saying

Winnie Wu helped my friend with the purchase of a townhouse recently. Through our dealings with her, we found that Winnie is very honest. She did not attempt to hide any negative observation of the place being viewed and made it known to us her opinion. She is also knowledgeable about age, condition, potential issues of various types of properties. When discussing an interest, she never seemed to push for a deal. After offer was made, she contacted property management and strata council to acquire all the necessary information to make the final purchase smooth. We felt it was a very pleasant experience with her as the realtor. Highly recommended!
by Ming Fang
Friend's Seller & Buyer
"Winnie is a wonderful real estate agent who is committed to helping her clients. We have sold two properties with Winnie and both times she helped us through the process. More recently, we were looking to branch out into a specific area and she provided some helpful insights into the neighborhood and suggested properties that would be a good fit for us. She has various tools at her disposal that have helped us in our search and responds to queries in a timely manner."
by Cassandra Liu
I have bought 1 home and sold two homes with Winnie’s assistance. The last home sale was in bad circumstances of a marriage breakup. Winnie remained calm and patient as the wars around her waged oft times very unfair to her and her efforts to complete the sale. Winnie has always been truthful and has never pushed her opinion. Winnie is always responsive to emails and requests immediately and makes herself available for whatever needs to be attended to. Winnie will go to battle for the party she represents and will do as the party she represents asks. All with the highest of integrity and recognition and appreciation for the honesty her profession needs to adhere to.
by Maureen MacMurchy
Seller & Buyer
Winnie was very helpful to arrange the short noticed list of properties for us to look at in a timely manner. She grasped our criteria for closing the deal and offer was efficiently placed leading to our satisfaction. A very detail-minded realty professional, Winnie even handed us a tool set to aid our little project on taking possession of our new home. We highly appreciated her dedication of service!
by Kathen Ling
Winnie Wu is a very patient, hardworking and experienced broker. She is able to help clients analyze listings and can help clients strive for the greatest benefit at critical moments. I am very fortunate to choose her as my agent.
by Yonghong Zhang
Very professional, always response in timely manner, good communication skills, know where to get the information and moving things along... will not hesitate to recommend her service to any of my friends!
by Ally Feng
We bought our house through Winnie, she was highly open and engaged through the process, keeping us updated at all times and chasing actions to keep the purchase moving smoothly, providing excellent communication, feedback and service from start to finish. She was professional and friendly at all times and most importantly got us a great house in a good area. We would highly recommend Winnie's excellent services!
by Nathan Nie
Winnie Wu is a great agent who provides excellent customer service. She is very patient and creates a non-pressured environment. She provided information to make informed decisions, which is very crucial in buying a property. She offered help in every step of our purchasing process. We highly recommend Winnie for your Real Estate agent.
by Ah Shar Maya
Winnie as my agent, she is very professional in real estate. She gave me lots of professional suggestions. So I bought the good townhouse. My family is very satisfied. Thank you!
by Jianxin Gao
Strong experience, very good knowledge, excellent skills and satisfaction in result. I would like to use her next time if I will consider to buy or sell property.
by Shao Shen

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